Bullet proof social media marketing strategy!

I was reading the article Building complementary services: A powerful long-term social media strategy at dosh dosh, it exposes a lot of insides on the social media marketing approach, as you may have noticed by the title, I like it cause it is actually very good, it tells you that if you do want to succeed, you have to provide value, and it does not come easy, it is definitely worthy reading if you are interested in the web as a mean to help your business grow!

Along with the article 7 ways to be worth following on twitter, and several other articles that for the lack of time I have not placed together yet. However, I promise I’ll make a list of those that I find the most worthy reading and post it.

Iaax Page.

“Publicity is giving someone a reason to Talk about you.” -From the dosh dosh article, I did love that quote.


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