Twitter trend #googlefail, should talk about real google fails

I do not hate google

This post is inspired by the new Google Wave coming out soon, which I consider to be a heavily elaborated desperate measure to start generating realtime content so google can really tell you what is going on every second!

1) Heavily elaborated

Heavily elaborated, cause it needs to be everything to everyone, it is a twitter-like system connected to Picasa Web albums, and Google mail. So What is it? A new way to communicate with each other, or a way for someone to own every little piece of information regarding to you?

2) Desperate Measure

Google is being trying to provide real time search since twitter started skyrocketing, ok, they can’t do it if they do not own twitter, so the answer is Lets make Wave and fuck twitter and the users and the world, lets make our own twitter, so twitter goes down to the ground like the useless little crappy piece of web app it is! Hahahahaha dream about that Wave. Twitter rules!

The #googlefail trend

I repeat I do not despise Google, in fact I must be indirectly responsible of several thousands of people using it, I started telling every one how good it was back in 1999 or 2000, I used to said: Ask Dr. Google, he knows everything!

I am tired of Google trying to be everything to everyone. Instead of developing a faster browser, which actually is an anorexical safari version on crack,  an operating system for devices –Well that last one is not that bad, motorola, nokia, and the other players they were not getting it right anyway

Why instead of  Do not evil try Do what is right!

Who in freacking hell is doing what is right anymore? MicroSoft?, Apple?, Oracle? And Yahoo? where are you?

Is it a fact that Google is the Internet? I do not think so! lets look at two major Google Fails

#gfail Number 1

And least but not last Knol!

Seriously folks, when was the last time you did search the web for something finding a KNOL result above a Wikipedia result?

#gfail Number 2

I’ll try Wave when it comes out to the public and then update this post!

Iaax Page.

Revisited, thanks to my Editor Ramon Cambeses


One thought on “Twitter trend #googlefail, should talk about real google fails

  1. You did forget to mention the g-fail with google -err what was the name again – LIVELY.
    It was not that lively at all, although I liked the possibility to easily create your own 3D-Chatroom.
    It failed like I never had imagine a google-app fail and google abandoned it after a short time.

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