There is no such thing as internal beauty

Maria Felix

I started a social experiment a couple weeks ago. I told some people that there’s no such thing as internal beauty. I don’t eat fruits which are not beautiful on the outside, like kiwis and such. Everyone thought at some point “What a shallow guy” and to be honest, it is sometimes true.

None of my study subjects thought for just a second that if there’s no such thing as internal beauty, and we all have these beautiful feelings in our hearts, maybe, just maybe, we need to try harder to turn the inner beauty into just Beauty. As kids we have no concept of inner beauty, we demonstrate our feelings and they are beautiful.

I think we created the “Inner Beauty” concept as a way to justify not making the effort of living a beautiful life.Consider this idea “He is angry and mean, but his heart has some inner beauty you will never believe” One is what one does. What one feels. If you are an angry and shallow man as sometimes I am, give yourself the chance to be beautiful, love your brothers, love your life.


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