Greatness is not a Birth Right

Anyone can settle for what they have instead of fighting for what they want.

You will most likely face heartbreaking challenges when pursuing your goals and dreams.

If you are one of those lucky enough not to quit the fight, you will struggle to the point where one day it will seem as if you have given everything for a lost cause.

You may find yourself tired and alone, without the will or the energy to move forward and keep fighting.

Do not quit now. Not even if resuming the journey seems useless.

It is OK to rest. It is fine to remove yourself from the equation –In a figure of speech–. It is even OK to curse and to burst into flames. It is normal to be angry. It is normal to feel fear.

Do what you must but do not quit! You are really close to understand that greatness is not a birth right and there are no shortcuts in life.

Greatness is a rare and ephemeral human quality. Reserved exclusively for those who are willing toto fight to the bone for it.

The ultimate success is not something which can be achieved.

In life, success is in every step you take towards your goals.

Success is to stand up to adversity and face the struggle no matter what.


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