Greatness is not a Birth Right

Anyone can settle for what they have instead of fighting for what they want.

You will most likely face heartbreaking challenges when pursuing your goals and dreams.

If you are one of those lucky enough not to quit the fight, you will struggle to the point where one day it will seem as if you have given everything for a lost cause.

You may find yourself tired and alone, without the will or the energy to move forward and keep fighting.

Do not quit now. Not even if resuming the journey seems useless.

It is OK to rest. It is fine to remove yourself from the equation –In a figure of speech–. It is even OK to curse and to burst into flames. It is normal to be angry. It is normal to feel fear.

Do what you must but do not quit! You are really close to understand that greatness is not a birth right and there are no shortcuts in life.

Greatness is a rare and ephemeral human quality. Reserved exclusively for those who are willing toto fight to the bone for it.

The ultimate success is not something which can be achieved.

In life, success is in every step you take towards your goals.

Success is to stand up to adversity and face the struggle no matter what.


You are where you want to be!

If you have time to complain, you have time to come up with a solution. If you have time to propose a solution, you have time to implement it.

You are special. Now Be remarkable!

At least that is what mommy and daddy told you right?

Here’s the kicker, the little dirty secret which mommy and daddy probably neglected to tell you. There are other 7 Billion humans in this world, everyone as special as you.

Do the math. If you want to be really special you better start getting up very early in the morning, go early to sleep, eat better, exercise and be the best that you can be day in and day out.

That is the only way you will ever be remarkable. Which is like 7 billion times better than being special.

Life is hard for everyone!

Well ok may be not for everyone. But bad things happen to all people. Chaos is fare because it does not make distinctions.

Accept that along the way, one or many bad things will happen to you and those you love. Find a way to deal with this and move on. Get back in the race soon because no-one is coming to help you if you are not helping yourself.

Live on your own. Although it might be kind of hard!

Finally. Ask how you can help!

In “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” –Yes I know you probably have read this one to many times already. But it is true– Dr Covey says that the problem is not life itself but the way we look at it.

Get it in your head. Crying about how difficult you’ve got it is for losers.

Be a winner. Instead of asking for help, ask others how you can help them

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Are you Cynical or Wise?

George Carlin

At some point in my life I was watching some random series at Netflix and I heard the phrase.

You still have the benefit of your ideals.

Although I am well aware writers may not have put much attention into that line –at least not on its own since it was nearly irrelevant for the series–. For me, it was an action-trigger. It fired something dormant inside of me.

For whatever reason, this concept has been strongly-imprinted in my mind.

The first law of motion states:

An object in a constant state of motion will keep its current speed unless a force is applied on to it.

This was such force. Continue reading “Are you Cynical or Wise?”